General Colordcorrugated Sheets

General Colordcorrugated Sheets

Be able to replace organic glasses,plywood,fiber boards,gupsum boards, foam boards,corrugated boards and aluminum sheets etc.In many fields with its own good mechanical strength.

Product Details

Be popular in Europe,the United States and Japan and widely applied in many fields such advertisement,aichitecture,light industry,stationery making and product packing etc.

Rich in color sch as red,green,blue,yellow,white,grey,black,natural and ivory etc.Customization is also available.

The advantages of hollow sheets:

1 100% evironmental protection packaging materials

2 Price absolute advantage price

Plastic corrugated sheets features:

1 Good mechanical properties

2 Let materials saving

3 Heat insulation,sound insulation

4 Anti-static,conductive,flame retardant

5 Chemical performance is stable

6 The surface is smooth and beautiful,color is complete

7 Environmental protection effect is obvious

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