Which Need To Be Cleaned In Pp Hollow Sheet

- Jan 09, 2019-

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Hollow sheet because of the characteristics of impact resistance, long durability, generally has a longer use time, and after the use can also be recycled processing reprocessing, and in the hollow plate processing process, in order to ensure the quality of products need to carry out a variety of cleaning, which aspects hollow sheet need to be cleaned

1.the cleaning of the mold part: because the existence of grease will not only affect the transparency of the hollow board, but also increase the hollow board cracking problem, so the requirement before molding to scrub clean mold cavity, runner, molding hole root, corner, parting surface, roof, etc.

2.resin particles must be clean and tidy: in order to prevent the electrostatic effect, so that dust adhered to the surface of the particles, and then due to the light refraction will be exposed in the hollow plate, requires attention to do a good job in packaging appearance, surrounding and container cleaning work before opening the packaging. Operators should also pay attention to their own cleaning work. For opened packaging particles, should pay attention to inspection, and the remaining particles should be carefully encapsulated, to create convenient conditions for reuse.

3.the equipment must be clean and tidy: for the hollow board box, whether it is the hopper or cylinder, or the nozzle is not allowed to have the presence of other resin, otherwise it will affect its transparency or other properties. Accordingly, conditional unit should be able to use special equipment to undertake processing as far as possible, or use special material canister, screw, nozzle, if do not have this possibility, can adopt tear open wash law or undertake cleaning with resin

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