What Kind Of Cleaning Is Required For The Hollow Board (Wantong Board)?

- Apr 18, 2019-

Due to its impact resistance and long-lasting durability, the hollow plate (Wantong board) generally has a long service life, and can be recycled and processed after being used up. In the process, in order to ensure the hollow plate ( The quality of Wantong board needs to be cleaned in many ways. So what do we need to clean?


1. The resin particles must be clean and tidy: in order to avoid the dust from adhering to the surface of the particles due to electrostatic dust absorption, and then exposing them to the hollow plate due to light refraction, it is required to pay attention to the appearance of the package before opening the package. Cleaning around, and the container. The operator should also pay attention to his own cleaning work. For granules that have been unpacked, care should be taken to check that the remaining granules should be carefully packaged to facilitate the re-use.

      2. The equipment must be clean and tidy: in the hollow board (Wantong board), no other resin is allowed in the hopper or the barrel or in the nozzle, otherwise it will affect its transparency or other properties. Therefore, the qualified unit should be processed by special equipment as much as possible, or a special cylinder, screw, nozzle, or if it is not possible, it can be washed or washed with resin.

      3. Cleaning of the mold part: Since the presence of oil and fat not only affects the transparency of the hollow board, but also increases the cracking problem of the hollow board, it is required to scrub the cavity, the flow path, the root of the forming hole, the corner, before the molding, Parting surface, ejector top and other parts.


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