What Is The Advantages Of Pp Hollow Sheet

- Jan 10, 2019-

colorful hollow plastic sheet

Hollow sheet is a new type of plastic packaging materials, its use and application fields are very wide, at present many industries have a large number of applications, the hollow board in the actual application of what advantages?

Light materials saving: to date, most commonly used hollow plate is made of PP plastic material after high temperature extrusion forming, it has excellent mechanical properties, has a strong impact resistance, high compressive strength, the characteristics of other plate to achieve the same effect, compared to use more material, at the same time, the weight is heavier, and the hollow board can do material consumption, the advantages of low cost, light weight!

Heat insulation, sound insulation: because the hollow board is the internal hollow structure , and heat transfer and sound transmission is the need for media, so in the heat transfer and sound transmission effect than solid plate to be poor, but on the contrary this can bring better heat insulation and sound insulation effect for the hollow board!

Can meet the demand of diversity: as a result of hollow sheet can be modified, mashups, exterior coating methods lead to different performance, can make hollow plate has the appropriate additional properties such as antistatic, flame retardant, but also can make hollow board box, and other auxiliary parts, on the choice of the color is very rich, hollow sheet manufacturer to customize suitable hollow plate products according to the requirements of customers!

Environmental protection effect is obvious: due to the environmental protection characteristics of raw materials, hollow sheet from the production, processing, waste disposal of the whole process will not cause pollution to the environment, but also can be recycled into other plastic products, has a very superior environmental performance!

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