The Wide Application Of Pp Hollow Sheet

- Jan 15, 2019-

The raw material of hollow sheet is polypropylene and filler, which is a new type of plastic sheet after high temperature extrusion molding. The hollow sheet can be added into the raw material according to different color requirements, so that the pp hollow sheet can reach the required color when it is produced. Can also according to the applicable environmental requirements, adding different materials in the raw material, so that the hollow sheet to achieve some special performance, such as adding flame retardant can achieve the effect of flame retardant, adding conductive masterbatch can achieve the effect of conductive plate, adding anti-static agent can make the plate can effectively remove static charge.

Hollow sheet is more and more widely used, pp hollow board belongs to plastic products, with waterproof characteristics, can be made into hollow board turnover box, or hollow board packing box, for the turnover of goods and packaging and transportation. Special performance of hollow board made of hollow board turnover box and packing can be applied in the case of some special requirements, like antistatic hollow plate plate, because can effectively remove the static charges, to prevent the generation of static electricity, the plate is made of antistatic hollow board turnover box, is usually used for electronic components, electric and electronic enterprises because of electronic components don't static charges easily burn out, so storage or turnover, containers of put electronic components will have to be able to remove electrostatic charges, so that we can effectively reduce the loss of the enterprise in the process of production at the same time ensure the failure rate of electronic products.

In today's society, more and more high to the requirement of environmental protection, logistics industry also began to traditional paper boxes give up use, slowly turning to hollow plank packing boxes, hollow plate packing structure more effectively than traditional paper boxes complete protection products, service life is 20 times more than the paper packaging, the most important, hollow plank packing can waterproof, even on a rainy day in transit, also won't affect the product inside.

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