The Thickness Of Dubai 350gsm Pp Hollow Sheet

- Jan 30, 2019-

pp hollow sheet

Thank you for our nice customers.

We got a 350gsm pp hollow sheet from Dubai market.

The normal 350gsm pp hollow sheet can be 2mm thickness. The general weight parameters of pp hollow sheets are as follows:

2 MM: 400 gsm, 3 MM: 500 gsm, 4 MM:700 gsm, 5 MM: 900 gsm, 6 MM: 1200gsm, 7 MM: 1400 gsm, this is can according to customer requirements to adjust the raw material.

Pp pastic hollow board is  with hollow structure in the middle. Many people call it hollow lattice board, calcium-plastic board, corrugated sheet and universal board. From the name can see that its audience is very wide, we are very easy to put it and sunshine board, honeycomb board, PVC board confused, in fact, they are completely different board.

As a professional 10 years experience pp corrugated sheet factory,we are specilized in corrugated plastic sheets and plastic corrugated boxes.

PengFeng provides cheap and good quality hollow board related products, complete production equipment, rich design cases, to meet the requirements of the majority of customers custom, welcome to consult and choose. 

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