The Domestic Hollow Board Turnover Box

- May 02, 2018-

The domestic hollow board turnover box manufacturers to stop the development of the three reasons


Why the development of the domestic hollow board turnover box is always stopped at a stage, the main reason there are three points, because the reasons for the turnover box specifications, because the turnover of the volume of the reasons for the use of the box, there is one thing about the loss the reason! For details, please see the following analysis!



1turnover box specifications are one of the biggest impact of the enterprise:

The use of different specifications, is the hollow board manufacturers are most worried about one of the problems, because the turnover box itself is to cooperate with the logistics of a rapid operation of a logistics equipment, but due to different specifications, resulting in logistics can not be achieved through the various logistics System, resulting in the inconvenience of enterprise warehousing management, so different specifications, is the biggest impact of the current business.


2turnover box volume utilization is the second largest factor in marketing companies:

For the use of turnover box volume, is the second largest factor affecting the enterprise, because in the course of the use of each material storage area is not the same, and some materials can only use a smaller volume of turnover box, but in the number of Less case, or will be stored separately in a turnover box, this way to greatly waste the effective resources, we can see, for the turnover of the container volume is too wasteful.


3single product loss is high

In the process of circulation there are many handover, turnover box loss and damage on average about 8% per month, the use of the process of maintenance of the turnover box and the replacement after the break, so that the use of turnover box is too high. At the same time, the destruction of the turnover of the storage box occupies the storage and plot, the handling of damaged turnover box for storage management trouble.

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