The Difference Between Extrusion And Injection

- Dec 28, 2018-

2000X1000 mm pp hollow sheet

What is the difference between extrusion and injection process?

At present many manufacturers can carry on the batch production to the plastic hollow sheet, but the plastic hollow sheet molding craft mainly has the extrusion molding and the injection molding two kinds, two kinds of craft evenly used in the profession,What is the difference between extrusion and injection process.


Extrusion molding:

Extrusion molding process is currently the plastic hollow sheet is very commonly used, it is through the material in the extruder barrel and screw between the edge of thermoplastic, edge is pushed forward by the screw, continuous through the head and made of various cross-section products or semi-products of a processing way!

This process is characterized by continuous production process, can be extruded any length of plastic hollow plate, high production efficiency. And the die structure is simple, stable size can accurately control, convenient manufacture and maintenance, with the characteristics of less investment, quick results, at the same time, in addition to the fluorine plastic, all thermoplastics can use extrusion molding, has a very wide range of applicability, can produce all kinds of different materials, different specifications of the hollow sheet!


Injection molding:

This process is the use of injection molding machine to heat the plastic to a certain temperature will melt the plastic into a liquid nature, and then the molten liquid with high pressure injection into the closed mold cavity, after cooling and shaping, open mold can get the desired plastic body products, hollow sheet product customization is more commonly used!

This process is the feature of injection molding plastic hollow sheet products of complex shape, the forming structure size of the hollow plate products more accurate and better surface quality, but also can realize the standardization, standardization, seriation, but injection molding equipment investment is large, the high cost of mould making, so now still less manufacturers would choose!


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