The Difference Between Corrugated Sheet And Calcium Plastic Plate

- Aug 13, 2018-

Calcium plastic plate

It is based on high pressure polyethylene, a large amount of light calcium carbonate and a small amount of additives, plastic refining, hot pressing, foaming and other processes made. This kind of plate is light, sound insulation, heat insulation and moisture-proof. Mainly used for ceiling material. Calcium plastic board plastic is about 60% light calcium carbonate and 40% high pressure polyethylene resin, add right amount of foaming agent, crosslinking agent, zinc stearate, right amount of color to cooperate, through mixing, hot pressing process and become a kind of closed hole structure foam board, is a kind of heat insulation, waterproof and decorative properties of the material.

(1) Performance and features:

Light, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, conductive, non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, anti-corrosion, anti-aging etc.

(2) Appearance features:

Colorful, can be produced according to the sample provided.

(3) Product specifications:

The length and width can be customized according to user requirements.

(4) Application:

It can be used for industrial products turnover boxes, agricultural packaging boxes, boxes and bags lining board, advertising and other fields.


Plastic hollow sheet 

Hollow sheet is a kind of light weight (hollow structure), non-toxic, pollution-free, waterproof, anti-shock, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, colorful new material.

Compared with injection molding products, the hollow plate has advantages such as anti-vibration, flexible design structure and no need to open injection moulds. At the same time, the plate can be flexibly added with anti-static and conductive parent material, etc. through the control of raw materials to produce the plastic hollow plate, PP plastic hollow plate with conductive and anti-static functions.

Hollow plate features:

l  Non-toxic and tasteless;

l  Environmental protection;

l  Moisture and corrosion resistance;

l  Light weight, high tensile strength and high strength;

l  The surface can be printed or pasted.

l  Different colors can be produced according to the demand;

l  With the addition of flame retardant, the produced hollow plate can be put out of fire.


If you are interested in our products,please let us know the following information before quotation:

1) Size (length*width)  as corrugated plastic sheet 2440X1220mm.

2) Thickness and colour as 4mm white color

3) GSM(gram per square meter) which is the most important. as 750GSM

4)CIF port name  as CIF Dubai


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