The Clllocation With Turnover Boxes And Shelves Are More Conducive To Improving Inventory Utilization

- May 14, 2018-

The clllocation with turnover boxes and shelves are more conducive to improving inventory utilization.

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The combination of plastic turnover box and shelf can better reflect the classified storage function of the turnover box, improve the utilization of storage space in warehouse, convenient to take and stack, and reduce the loss of goods, so the use of plastic turnover box and shelf can effectively improve the efficiency of work and the utilization rate of storage space. (reminding: in fact, the turnover box of this paper covers many parts, such as parts box, material box, etc.)


So what should be noticed when shelving warehouse is used to select plastic turnover boxes?

1.Select the suitable size plastic turnover box according to the variety, quantity, load and shelf size of the storage goods, and try to improve the utilization ratio of the warehouse with the uniform size of the turnaround box.

2. The plastic turnover box should be able to meet the requirements of different sizes of goods, make full use of the advantages of the flexibility of the turnover box, ensure the storage of the goods is convenient and fast, at the same time, it is suitable for the access operation of the supporting machinery.

3 .The plastic turnover box should meet the requirements of the load, and have certain safety allowance. The number of stack layers of the plastic turnover box should be considered according to the weight of the goods and the weight bearing capacity of the box, and the corresponding management standards should be formulated. At the same time, the training of the warehouse managers should be strengthened, and the shelf and the plastic turnover box are strict. The relevant regulations are complied with.

In addition, the plastic turnover box should be taken into full consideration in the early design of storage shelves. For special reasons, the custom plastic turnover box should be customized. The manufacturer should confirm the customization cost and production cycle.


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