The Advantages Of PP Material

- Aug 21, 2018-

The antistatic PP hollow sheet is mainly used in the packaging and transportation of electronic products. Anti - static hollow sheet box is mainly made of PP material and anti - static material. So what are the advantages of choosing PP material for anti-static hollow sheet?


1. PP plastic is a kind of green environmental protection material

2. Excellent formability and higher mechanical strength than PE.

3. Good water resistance, resistance grid and electrical insulation.

4. Prone to deformation, warping and depression.

5. Sticky, the lightest plastics.

6. Transparency is a problem when used for optical purposes, and attention should be paid to the differentiation effect when mixed with different materials

7. Low specific gravity (about 0.90), FDA level, good transparency, non-moisture absorption, low price, heat resistance and generally low mechanical strength, low foaming rate and poor printability.


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