Technological Innovation Is The Plastic Hollow Panel Industry Development Road

- Aug 18, 2016-

Plastic hollow Board in the development of the industry in recent years, manufacturers and the development of rapid, hollow sheet industry increase very quickly. For hollow Board as a whole sale market share continues to weaken. To this end, the hollow plastic hollow panel industry for the future market and future planning, strengthened in the insulating board manufacturing technology research and development, and strive to improve independent innovation ability of the corrugated board industry. Product of hollow Board structures and develop new areas of corrugated board industry as a priority in the development of the transformation industry.

To this end. To plastic hollow panel industry kept growing in market share, it must be through the industry and agriculture in the corrugated board industry market structure of technology innovation and adjustment to market technology development efforts. Improving various industries use hollow plastic plate of new product innovation, and enhance the overall strength of corrugated board industry innovation and development, and strive to enhance the company's competitive position in the corrugated board industry.

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