Problems In The Use Of Pp Turnover Box

- Sep 07, 2018-

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1. Due to the disunity of specifications in practical use, the internal storage management of enterprises is inconvenient. At the same time, the container with different specifications cannot be circulated in the logistics operation chain.

2. In the actual use process, the space utilization rate of the hollow plate turnover box is not very high due to the different space required by each material.

3. The high loss of single product exists in the process of circulation for multiple handover. The loss and damage of the turnover box is about 8% per month on average. At the same time, the damage storage occupies the storage and accumulates, and the treatment of the damage also brings trouble to the storage management.


If you are interested in our corrugated plastic box,please kindly provide us the follow details:

1. Size of box(Length*width*height)  

2.Thickness and Density/Weight(GSM)

3. Color

4. Will be highly appreciated if you can enclose your sample or pictures or drawing.


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