Precautions For Using Hollow Plastic Plates

- Aug 09, 2018-

1.Cleaning.pp hollow sheet factory price.jpg

Cleaning must be used when under 60 ℃ warm water rinse. When cleaning, use neutral detergent, not allowed to use the sun board has the effect of erosion detergent. Require a soft cloth or sponge to be dipped in a neutral solution to gently scrub. Forbid rough cloth, brush, mop and other hard, sharp tools to clean. Not applicable cleaning agent is alkaline solution, it will erode the surface. Plastic hollow plate, disables esters, ketones, halogenated hydrocarbons and all substances that can dissolve or swell polycarbonate.


2.Storage and transportation

It should be kept indoors and should not be exposed to direct sunlight or rain. Stack by hand. Do not exceed 2 meters. No heavy weight shall be pressed on the board, and no hard substance shall be found between the boards. Keep the storage room clean, dry and free from dust invasion. Other chemicals should not be stored in the room at the same time. The protective film shall not be damaged or removed during storage. The plastic hollow plate must be placed flat on a clean flat tray with an area larger than the plate. If necessary, it should be properly tied to avoid vibration and sliding.



During installation, the construction organizer must clearly understand the written instructions and notes printed on the protective film, and explain to the operator, especially pay attention to the standards facing out. Before installation, the protective film shall not be taken off, and the protective film shall only be taken up around 50mm along the edge line of the plate. After the installation of the plastic hollow plate, the protective film shall be taken off immediately. If it is necessary to continue to protect the plate surface, the protective film shall be removed first, and then the protective film shall be covered again. The viscous material of the sealing material shall not be damaged by PC sunlight board. Sealing tape shall have good weather resistance and shall not lose stickiness and mechanical strength for a long time. Do not polish or use strong alkali to clean the sun plate, do not use a hard brush to wipe the surface, to avoid the phenomenon of hair pulling.


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1) Size (length*width)  as corrugated plastic sheet 2440X1220mm.

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4)CIF port name  as CIF Dubai


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