Pp Hollow Sheet For Greenhouse Usage

- Jan 12, 2019-

4mm factory price polypropylene hollow sheet

Generally, in order to ensure the vigorous growth of flowers and vegetables in the greenhouse, most of the greenhouse cover materials are made of glass or other materials with low heat preservation function, resulting in the loss of heat in the greenhouse is very easy. Power consumption accounts for an increasing proportion of the total cost of greenhouse operation. In order to deal with this problem, more and more modern greenhouses choose and use Peng Feng factory pp hollow board with excellent heat insulation function.


The high transmittance of hollow board and the selectivity of ultraviolet ray pervious to light, for a lot of advanced flowers supplied the growth condition that excel, make flower colour and lustre more gorgeous. Greenhouse flowers flourish because they are bathed in light and protected from the cold air. Evonik is committed to bringing the successful experience of Europe to Chinese plant professors to provide the most suitable environment for the growth of plants.


Light transmittance is one of the key factors to evaluate the function of greenhouse and another advantage to choose hollow board. According to the growers' experience data, each additional dose of sunlight means more growth for the plant. Not only can phalaenopsis, an ornamental potted plant, thrive in a hollow plant-like greenhouse, but other flowers such as roses, tulips and lilies also need plenty of sunlight to grow optimally. It is a new trend to replace glass with substitute material .


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