Pp Corrugated Sheet Used In Construction

- Jun 16, 2018-

     pp Corrugated sheet used in construction industry

Hollow plate has many applications in construction industry, it will also be applied to the bridge construction, but it has some common problems in the construction, these problems will affect the structural performance and function of the bridge, so we must pay attention to the construction. Today, the hollow plate manufacturers will share with you how to deal with these problems in construction.


1.improve the bearing capacity of the plate end.


2. improve the bridge's sound insulation, noise insulation, heat insulation and seepage prevention effect.


3.the hollow plate is also affected by the vehicle load pressure. Obviously, the hollow LL board can bear more pressure. Some construction units are not aware of their importance, or in order to reduce material, or idle trouble, and other reasons, often do not plug the end of the end of the plate, and some are immediately after the hoisting. All of these have caused a lot of quality problems. One effective method is to make several sets of moulds in the construction site in advance, the shape is round, the diameter of the small head is smaller than the hollow plate circular hole 5cm, and the diameter of the large head is 2cm smaller than the hollow plate round hole. This method can make use of concrete produced on the same day to save concrete. Moreover, compared with the conventional brick masonry concrete method, the labor is saved, and the depth of plugging is guaranteed.


With the continuous upgrading of the application, the hollow plate manufacturers are gradually recognizing the problems in the construction industry, dealing with the problems, and slowly in the construction industry, the application of the hollow plate will be more applied and popularized.


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