Plastic Storage Boxes Widely Used

- Aug 08, 2017-

Storage boxes are mainly used for transportation, Plastic Storage Boxes refrigeration, supermarkets, hardware, storage (vegetables, fruits), home, turnover, finishing (documents, clothing, toys) and so on. To people's daily life and life to bring convenience, it is widely used in real life is a plastic product.

Plastic storage box is usually used at room temperature, Plastic Storage Boxes should not be exposed, nor fall, plastic storage box also has environmental protection, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, clean and convenient, stacked neatly, easy to manage, Plastic Storage Boxes Can be stacked, save space, light weight, corrosion resistance and other characteristics! Plastic storage box should have good chemical properties, can be acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, and has good heat resistance and toughness, Plastic Storage Boxes high compressive strength, buffer

Vibration, bending deformation and good dimensional stability and other good mechanical properties, in addition, plastic storage box should also have a waterproof, moisture, anti-static and beautiful appearance and other requirements.

In the use of plastic parts to ensure the performance, physical, Plastic Storage Boxes chemical, dielectric properties and mechanical properties under the premise of as far as possible the use of low prices and good shape of the plastic, and strive to simple structure, uniform wall thickness, forming convenient.

In the design of plastic parts should consider the overall structure of the mold, mold cavity easy to design and manufacture, mold core pulling and the introduction of simple, Plastic Storage Boxes try to simplify the mold structure.

In the design of plastic parts, should consider the raw material forming process, such as mobility, shrinkage, plastic parts shape easy to shape

Plastic storage box is made of high density polyethylene HDPE or polypropylene PP production, Plastic Storage Boxes safe and non-toxic, but according to the use of plastic storage box requirements and cost considerations in this selection of polypropylene PP as a plastic storage box material.

About folding storage box As the name suggests is to collect some things the box, you can place food, medicine or cosmetics appliances. According to the use of points, there are food boxes, boxes, boxes, boxes, boxes, boxes, oil boxes, Dai box, boxes, stationery, boxes and so on. Its shape has round, rectangular, octagonal, melon-shaped, pomegranate, peach, double bird, square wins, silver ingot, flower-style, hollow, angle, chrysanthemum-style, cylinder and so on. As well as in the box box small box "mother box" and multi-section package "box" and so on. Plastic Storage Boxes After the Tang Dynasty widely burned around. To the Song Dynasty Jingdezhen kiln firing green white glaze box production, the bottom of the box printed with a box of records marked with a box.

This storage box is convenient and practical, multi-functional plastic storage box is usually called plastic finishing box, plastic storage box, plastic finishing box, plastic storage box. Plastic Storage Boxes Multifunctional plastic storage box is made of polyethylene PE or polypropylene PP production, safe and non-toxic, which HDPE material production is relatively soft, toughness, is generally the first choice for home storage. This multi-function storage box below two pulleys, moving out of the box when it is more convenient, and it is environmentally friendly, Plastic Storage Boxes carrying capacity is good. The general small debris neatly put into the natural clear clear. And the sealing is also quite good, this storage box is relatively flat, the design is not any picky problems, but Xiaobian not cold Oh!

Ordinary multi-functional cloth storage box inside and natural is a good grid, which in the storage time, can be very simple to put things in and can, and it has a lid to ensure that small items clean and tidy Environment, for example, many girls like to buy this type of multi-functional storage box to specifically place underwear underwear, when a box opened, you can look at their own want to wear underwear, Plastic Storage Boxes convenient and practical. This storage box design is more beautiful, but also in line with personalized home storage, Plastic Storage Boxes in addition, this storage box is also very strong storage.

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