Plastic Storage Boxes Widely Used

- May 31, 2017-

Plastic Storage Boxes Storage boxes are mainly used for transportation, refrigeration, supermarkets, hardware, storage (vegetables, fruits),Household, turnover, sorting (documents, clothing, toys). It brings convenience to people's daily work life, and it is a kind of plastic product widely used in real life.

Plastic storage bins are also commonly referred to as plastic packing boxes, plastic storage boxes, plastic boxes, plastic storage boxes. The main use of plastic storage box is: 

1. Food processing storage, turnover, cleaning. 

2. Pickling and degreasing in the chemical industry. 

3. Fermentation, pickling and storage in the brewing and vegetable processing industries. 

4. Drugs, food, chemical industry in the mix, the system. 

5. Hardware, electronics, tools, parts industry storage, transit, acid. 6. Bleaching, washing and dyeing in textile and dyeing industry.

Plastic storage bins are usually used at room temperature, unfavorable insolation, also should not fall, the plastic storage box also has the environmental protection, Plastic Storage Boxes the ability acid alkali resistant, oil-resistant, non-toxic tasteless, clean convenient, stacking neat, easy to manage, bearing strength, can overlap, save space, light weight, corrosion-resistant characteristics! Plastic storage box should have good chemical properties, can be acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, and has good heat resistance and toughness, high compressive strength, buffer against

Good mechanical properties such as earthquake, Plastic Storage Boxes flexural deformation and good dimensional stability, in addition, the plastic storage box should also have waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static and beautiful shape, such as the use of requirements 2.1 to meet the use requirements and appearance requirements

2.2 To ensure the use of plastic parts performance,

Physics, chemistry, dielectric properties and mechanical properties, etc.

Under the premise, as far as possible to choose the low price and better formability plastic, and strive to structure simple,

The wall thickness is even and the forming is convenient.

2.3 In the design of plastic parts should consider the overall structure of the mold, so that mold cavity is easy to design and manufacture, die-core and the introduction of the mechanism simple, as far as possible to simplify the mold structure.

2.4 In the design of plastic parts, Plastic Storage Boxes should consider the forming process of raw materials, such as mobility,

Shrinkage and so on, the shape of plastic parts to facilitate the processing.

The plastic storage bins are HDPE or polypropylene with high-density polyethylene.

PP production, safe and non-toxic, but according to the requirements of the use of plastic storage bins and cost considerations in this selection of polypropylene

PP as a plastic storage box material.

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