Plastic Storage Boxes More And More

- Oct 16, 2017-

Storage boxes, also known as storage boxes, storage boxes, sorting boxes, etc., it is increasingly appearing in people's homes, offices, school dormitories and other places. According to the material produced, the storage box can be divided into plastic storage boxes, fabric storage boxes, paper storage boxes, metal storage boxes, wooden storage boxes and so on. Today, more and more of the storage box design is very beautiful, Plastic Storage Boxes and has a variety of functions, can be widely placed in multiple places. Below, the small series will introduce several different material storage boxes and their functions.

Storage box is a environmentally friendly and wearable, stylish storage box. This storage box is the smallest 24 liters, suitable for storage underwear, cosmetics, small toys and so on, the largest 100 liters, can be placed in winter quilts, blankets, down jacket and other bulky items. Plastic Storage Boxes This large-capacity storage box is generally used in the home, both durable and environmentally friendly, won the consumer favorite

This plastic storage box generally cost-effective, can be said to receive artifacts. It uses plastic that is safe and non-toxic, has high toughness and is well sealed, Plastic Storage Boxes and is usually the best choice for storing clothing. The general large plastic storage box will have pulleys underneath it, so it is much easier to move away from the box.

Willow storage box is generally used by natural willow weaving, with natural environmental protection, durable, stylish and generous advantages. Of course, can also be inside the box linen, easy to wash and wash. This storage box looks simple and beautiful, very pastoral, can store a variety of books and magazines, Plastic Storage Boxes jewelry, electronic equipment, etc., very suitable for young people's furniture environment.

Solid wood box is not only solid, but also pure woody, for the things that have a very good preservation effect, can be used for planting small potted plants, or put some decorations and so on. Add a few modern designs, such as a few letters around the box and so on, can be used as home decorations. Of course, can also be a good gift to friends and so on.

Plastic storage bins are usually used at room temperature, Plastic Storage Boxes unfavorable insolation, also should not fall, the plastic storage box also has the environmental protection, the ability acid alkali resistant, oil-resistant, non-toxic tasteless, clean convenient, stacking neat, easy to manage, bearing strength, can overlap, save space, light weight, corrosion-resistant characteristics! Plastic storage bins should have good chemical properties, can be acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, and has good heat resistance and toughness, high compressive strength, cushioning shockproof, bending deformation and good dimensional stability and other excellent mechanical properties, in addition, plastic storage box should also have waterproof, moisture, Plastic Storage Boxes anti-static and beautiful appearance, such as the use of requirements.

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