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- May 07, 2018-

PageWide Technology And Peng Feng Wide Format Digital Print Material   


HP PageWide printing technology

In April 18, 2013, HP released its second generation full format printing technology - PageWide, now in its ProX series of business jet products HP is using this technology. HP Office jet ProX series desktop printers and MFP compared with color laser printers, its speed doubled, the cost is reduced by half.

PageWide Technology technology through a row of fixed and very dense nozzle directly spray ink on the bottom of the passing of the paper, in order to speed the speed of paper printing.

The technology has four characteristics: first, fast printing, printing up to 70 pages per minute. The two is to save print costs, compared to the color laser printer, the cost of each page printing reduced by 50%. Three is a very high print quality, credibility. Four is compatible with the enterprise management and workflow network.


EPSON micro piezo printing technology

Inkjet printing technology on the market are mainly two types of micro piezoelectric and hot bubble, which is a unique micro piezo technology EPSON.

The micro piezo technology of piezoelectric elements can be obtained by adjusting the pulse control the size of the droplets, to achieve high coverage in the paper to improve the printing speed of large drops of ink printing rate conditions, rely on the small ink in high precision printing conditions to ensure the printing precision to drop, this is the micro piezoelectric inkjet printing intelligent droplet transform technology.

At the same time, the micro piezo technology on the piezoelectric element first backward deformation will drop back, then drop push shot out, spray the energy savings of ink droplets and reduce surface tension of liquid, the ejected ink drops more rounded.

EPSON micro piezo printing technology in a modest increase in the premise of the nozzle, the increase in the frequency of oscillation and the efficiency of ink droplets, to ensure a higher speed printing.


Canon hot foam printing technology

Speaking of Canon's hot foam printing technology, had to mention its FINE print head technology, in fact, the two are the same thing. The full name of the Chinese translation of the FINE flat plate inkjet printhead nozzle technology, FINE technology can produce ultra small volume and can make the ink droplets to achieve the minimum particle size of 1 micro to ensure that the image output more delicate.

The principle of thermal foaming printing technology is in fact a thermal inkjet technology, thermal inkjet technology and the reduced ejection of ink droplets and the ability of regional integration circuit technology, can make the ink droplets smaller.

Another advantage of reducing the volume of ink drops is that the frequency of the ejected droplets becomes higher. Low operating frequency, high number of nozzles and the resolution of a single print, is the basic elements of high-speed printing. Therefore, the thermal printing technology can improve the printing speed, thereby improving the efficiency of the printer.




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