Overseas Sinocorrugated Society Will Fully Support The 2017

- Aug 18, 2016-

Farming industry for 20 years, Reed Exhibitions has access to more than 100 companies at home and abroad for its universal recognition and support! Starting in 2015, Reed Exhibitions launched 50+ overseas package cooperation plans, sinocorrugated 2017 50+ overseas cooperation plan continues! At present, Reed Exhibitions and Argentina corrugated carton manufacturers ' Association (CAFCCO), Association of corrugated boxes in Asia (ACCA), Singapore corrugated carton manufacturers ' Association (CBMA), India corrugated box manufacturers Federation (FCBM), dozens of overseas packages signed a strategic cooperation agreement! 50+ packages throughout the Overseas Association the full support of the 2017 international corrugated show overseas audiences in China will exceed 8000 men.

Sign a strategic agreement with 50+ overseas packages to support sinocorrugated 2017!

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