On The Wide Application Of Hollow Board Turnover Box In Electrical Industry

- Apr 23, 2019-

    Among the general electronic and electrical appliance manufacturers, the antistatic hollow board is the most popular hollow board product. The biggest function of the anti-static hollow board is the hollow board which can remove the electrostatic charge function on the surface of the object, which can effectively protect the electronic components in the turnover box from electrostatic damage and damage by bumps, thereby reducing the production of electronic and electrical products. Loss and waste in the transportation process, to solve the cost and improve the efficiency.

The anti-static hollow board can be made into a knife card, a turnover box, a package box, a pad board and the like, and these types of hollow board products can be used to protect the electronic component product from being damaged.


    The function of the hollow board knife and the board is similar, and can be used to separate the products, avoiding unnecessary collision between different products, and causing unnecessary loss and protection. The main function of the hollow plate turnover box and the hollow board packaging box is to protect the product from damage during the transportation of the product and reach the customer's hand perfectly. Previous electronic and electrical appliance manufacturers generally used cardboard boxes as packaging materials for storage and transportation. However, as the competition in the logistics industry became more and more fierce, various logistics companies paid more attention to efficiency, leading to the phenomenon of violent sorting and random throwing of goods. Caused a lot of losses.


    The appearance of the hollow plate turnover box is undoubtedly a good way to avoid this risk, because its unique anti-pressure, shock absorption, waterproof and moisture-proof properties can give the product sufficient cushioning to protect it from external damage and give the product a full range of products. protection of. For example, most display manufacturers and LCD TV manufacturers are now choosing to use hollow-plate totes as packaging materials, not only to better protect the screen, but also to print a variety of beautiful color patterns in the cabinet. The monotony of the previous carton, the advantages of the hollow board packaging box is greatly highlighted.

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