How To Use The Recycle Pp Material

- Dec 16, 2018-

polypropylene corrugated plastic sheets lowes

Plastic hollow plate is renewable, good plastic hollow sheet waste can be recycled, after processing, re-made into plastic hollow plate for use, and the performance and quality of plastic hollow plate will not be affected. Therefore, the use of plastic hollow plate waste can be very good to save our production costs.

So, how should we operate to be able to successfully use plastic hollow plate waste?

1, first of all, we need to recycle the plastic hollow plate waste classification, distinguish which waste can be processed, which waste can not be processed;

2, can be processed plastic hollow plate waste for cleaning, crushing, re-made of plastic hollow plate production materials;

3. Replasticize the recycled raw materials of plastic hollow plates, and turn them into new plastic hollow plates to complete the melting and regeneration.

Using the above methods, we can successfully use the waste of plastic hollow board, so as to successfully use plastic hollow board, save the production cost of plastic hollow board.


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