How To Use The Coropalst Turnover Box

- Dec 26, 2018-

Coroplast box is a kind of PP plastic hollow sheet made of environmental protection plastic box, there are many places to use.

coroplast product turnover box

  1. be used as a product turnover box. Like the electronics, machinery, precision industry and other accessories used in the factory small products, can be packaged with hollow plate turnover box, can avoid friction and collision between products, convenient classification and storage, but also has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance.

tool coropalst box used as a toolbox. Some manual electric hardware tools, appearance is more hard and sharp, some iron products are easy to rust, ordinary paper box is not easy to store and load bearing is small, cannot satisfy the use requirement, hollow board turnover box can be made with cover skeleton type box, open and close freely, prevent dust ash block, plastic bull waterproof, improve the service life of the product.

fruits and vegetables coroplast box

3. be used as a turnover box for fruits and vegetables. Traditional fruit boxes are mainly carton boxes, easy to damage, mildew, pollution, and hollow board turnover box can effectively lock the nutrition and moisture in fruits and vegetables, sealed preservation, constantly maintain the freshness and cleanliness of food.

4. be used as a cold chain turnover box. Before the cold chain box is made of foam box, but not waterproof and moisture-proof, short service life, hollow plate cold chain box sealing strong, printing can be a molding, multicolor printing, gorgeous appearance of high-grade, but also many times of recycling.

5. be used as a mail box. Express box has replaced the cartons as the insulating material logistics, express industry emerging products, some jingdong, novice stage, the big brand companies such as motion the first try, the novel unique modelling, the color of the rich and changeful, the function of the folded disassembly deeply caught the eye of consumers, it can also be with EPE, EVA, PE bag packing material such as free combination collocation, flexible, material saving and environmental protection policy in line with the new era of lightweight, low pollution requirements.

Therefore, the use of coroplast box is very widespread, it is more and more applied fields are gradually developed by people, in logistics packaging and transportation plays an important role in turnover.


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