How To Identify Pp Hollow Sheet

- Jul 26, 2018-

PP-corrugated-sheet-plastic-corrugated-sheet.jpg1. Non-inflammable, out of the fire immediately, the flame and smoke are green at the bottom, yellow at the tip, and the stimulating smell of hydrochloric acid gas -- polyvinyl chloride plastic after the fire extinguishing;


2. Combustible, after-burning, flame and flaxen tip yellow, continuous dropping of melting substance when burning, giving off the scent of paraffin -- polyethylene plastic;


3. The flame and smoke are orange in color. When the hollow plate burns, there are constant drops of dissolved substances.--polypropylene plastic


4. Inflammable, off-fire and subsequent combustion, the flame orange black smoke with black carbon powder flying into the air, the smell of styrene - polystyrene plastic;


5. Refractory, extinguish immediately after the fire, and the flame is yellow. When the fire is ignited, it expands and produces cracks.-- phenolic plastic



6. It is difficult to ignite, and it will go out immediately after it is fired. The color of the flame is yellow. When it burns, it expands and cracks.-- urea formaldehyde plastics


Combustion is a relatively simple and accurate method to check the hollow panel, above testing whether the hollow panel toxic. It can be distinguished by the difficulty of burning, the situation after leaving the fire, the color of flame and smoke, the phenomenon when burning and the smell when burning, etc., of plastic hollow board


If you are interested in our products,please let us know the following information before quotation:

1) Size (length*width)  as corrugated plastic sheet 2440X1220 mm.

2) Thickness and colour as 4mm white color

3) GSM(gram per square meter) which is the most important. as 750GSM

4)CIF port name  as CIF Dubai


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