How To Identify Plastic Hollow Sheet

- Dec 21, 2018-

2-12 MM pp corrugated board

At present, a lot of people are discussing the question, "what kind of plastic is used in the hollow sheet, and whether it is toxic?" In response to this problem, simply to analyze for you how to identify the hollow plate is used in what kind of plastic, and whether toxic?

In commonly used plastic products, there are many methods to identify whether it is toxic, such as appearance method, specific gravity method, boiling water method, combustion method, etc., the more simple and accurate method is combustion method. The brief introduction is as follows:

Cut a piece of the sample, clamp it with tweezers, and burn it on the lit alcohol lamp (if the non-alcoholic lamp can also be replaced by the lit candle). Then observe the burning difficulty, the situation after leaving the fire, the flame and smoke color, the burning phenomenon and the smell, etc., and make a comprehensive judgment to know what kind of plastic it is.

Polyvinyl chloride plastic: not flammable, from the fire is extinguished, the flame and smoke is green at the bottom, the tip is yellow, the fire is extinguished after the stimulation of hydrochloric acid gas taste.

Polyethylene plastic: flammable, from the fire subsequent combustion, flame and smoke bottom blue top yellow, burning constantly have molten matter drops, send out paraffin smell.

Polypropylene plastic: flammable, from the fire subsequent combustion, flame and smoke for orange yellow, burning constantly have dissolved matter drops, oil smell.

Polystyrene plastic: flammable, from the fire follow-up combustion, flame orange yellow smoke black smoke black carbon dust fly into the air, styrene odor.

Phenolic plastic (bakelite) : difficult to burn, it is extinguished immediately after leaving the fire, and the flame is yellow. When burning, it will expand and produce cracks, giving off the stimulating smell of phenol.

Urea formaldehyde plastic (tourmaline) : difficult to burn, from the fire is extinguished, the color of the flame yellow, expansion cracks when burning, giving off a pungent smell of urea.


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