How To Fix Corrugated Plastic Sheets

- Oct 31, 2018-

Polypropylene coroplast turnover packing box

Corrugated plastic sheet (Coroplast sheet) is extruded from the product line with melting polypropylene with polyethylene raw material together with high temperature. it's also called coroplast grid sheet as the lattice shape for the cross-section. 

Because the corflute sheet has the unique advantages of lightweight, waterproof, moisture-proof, shock-proof, anti-UV, corrosion resistance, etc., it has become popular and become a very popular material. As the application becomes more and more extensive, the correx sheet will be made into different shapes to meet different needs.

How to Fix the Coroplast Board to Install in Different Shapes?

PF summarizes the following four methods, I hope to help everyone.

  • Glue or      hot melt adhesive

The surface of the PP hollow board can be glued, double-sided tape or fixed with hot melt adhesive.

  • Screw      fixing coroplast sheet

The screw fixing of the corrugated board is divided into the traditional screw and the rivet perforation. When installing, the hole of the coroplast sheet must be 50% larger than the diameter of the bolt or the rivet. In order to avoid the displacement of the corrugated plastic sheet during thermal expansion and contraction.

  • Mounting      accessories to fix correx sheet

Fix the corflute board with PVC plastic strips

  • Embedded      mounting corrugated plastic sheet

According to the thickness of the polypropylene hollow sheet, the thermal expansion and contraction, and the support frame, and the wind pressure, snow pressure load, etc., sufficient embedding amount is reserved. Generally, the edge of the coroplast sheet protrudes into the fixed frame by more than 25 mm, and at least two ribs are required to be installed into the fixed area.

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