How To Clean The Polypropylene Turnover Box

- Sep 14, 2018-

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Cleaning is mainly conducted in the general production area, clean area container and clean room. Cleaning containers, latex gloves, cleaning cloth and brushes are used when cleaning. The cleaning sequence is from inside out, from top down, and first corner and then plane. Here is how to clean the corrugated turnover box and disinfect:

(1) the hollow shet turnover box to be cleaned shall be sent to the cleaning room of the container, and then the dish cloth shall be dipped with cleaner to clean the handles, edges and bottoms of the hollow plate box and other parts without any stains.

(2) dip the dishcloth into the cleaning agent in the order from inside to outside, from up to down, and clean the flat part without stain.

(3) clean the hollow sheet turnover box with water for three times, immerse the turnover box in water for about 3 cm, then wipe it with a cloth, and finally put it in the container and clean it naturally.

(4) generally use the wipe method for disinfection and use the disinfectant.

(5) after disinfection, place the product in the container cleaning room for natural drying, and fill in the date and validity of cleaning and disinfection


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