How To Clean Pp Hollow Sheet

- Dec 29, 2018-

2-12 mm waterproof good quality polypropylene corrugated sheet

Pay attention to the cleaning method of pp hollow sheet, and follow the steps orderly, as follows:

1The pp hollow sheet will be sent to the container cleaning room, and then the cloth dipped in detergent, cleaning box handle, edges and corners and the bottom of these parts, to be clean, no stains.

2. Dip the cloth into the cleaner and clean the flat part of the hollow board box from the inside out and from the top down in the order of inside out and top down.

3.wash with water three times, the turnover box immersed in water, about 3 cm immersion, and then wipe with a cloth, finally placed in the container cleaning room, for natural drying. is to use wipe law to undertake disinfection commonly, use disinfectant.

5. After disinfection, place it in the cleaning room of containers and utensils for natural drying, and fill in the date and expiry date of cleaning and disinfection. Use the correct method to clean the hollow plate in time to ensure the normal use.


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