Green Hollow Plastic Plate And Its Application

- May 17, 2018-

Green hollow plastic plate and its application

Marketing the product packaging, in addition to protection products and display products, features, in recent years, the requirements of environmental protection in the world, the demand for environmentally friendly packaging products has been the industry seriously. Packaging industry in packaging materials and alternative products, in particular after the advent of the plastic corrugated board, in order to save resource consumption and make an important contribution to reducing environmental pollution. 


    Plastic component is polypropylene hollow board (PP), high purity hydrocarbons, non-toxic, good resistance, can burn, no pollution problems, and environmentally friendly. The hollow plastic plate (PP corrugated board) has the shape of flat, light weight, impact resistance, oil resistance, and can moisture in the containers, display license plates, daily necessities, stationery, building materials, protection board, protective materials, electronic components and even, are applicable range. Waterproof and resistance to stress and better than paper products, reusable, is an excellent alternative packaging materials. Packaging industry towards the future development must light, thin, short and small development, if we take into account environmental protection, will receive national recognition, to enhance competitiveness is a major weapon. 


    PP hollow board is widely used in: refrigerator (washing machine) after the backplane, the end of care, advertising, plates, packing products, cold storage apples hoardings, grape crates, fruit crates, asparagus packing, ordinary working boxes, milk Industry show me (show card), glass pallet. 


    PP hollow plastic board (known as MassMutual board or corrugated board) is to use grade polypropylene copolymer produced by a one-time squeeze, the product formation, can add a variety of pigments, conductive materials, antistatic materials and anti-UV agents, do feature improvements light weight, impact resistance, multi-color, waterproof, oil, and high and low temperature (167 ~ -17 ) the merits of its non-toxic clean, with food GMP standard. The product can be reused, recycled and the reduction is in line with future needs of the material. 


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