Four Methods Of Hollow Sheet Fixation

- Aug 06, 2018-

As we all know, the hollow plate is a flat piece after it is produced, so many people want to use the hollow plate to make the shape they want, which involves production and installation.

1. Screw fixation

When screws or rivets are perforated and installed, the opening hole diameter of the plate shall be 50% larger than that of the bolt or rivet, so as to prevent the plate from displacement when it is heated, expanded and cooled. It is forbidden to fix the screw or rivet by opening the hole directly at the same time.


2. Embedded installation

According to the thickness of hollow plate, thermal expansion and cold shrinkage are different from the supporting frame, as well as the wind pressure and snow pressure load, sufficient amount of embedding is reserved. Generally, the edge of plate is extended over 25mm into the fixed frame, and at least two rib ribs are required to be installed into the fixed area, with a thermal expansion rate of 0.065mm/m.0C


3. Fitting installation

PVC plastic edge strip used to jam hollow plates. -- -h :4mm,6mm,8/10mm -- -u :4mm,6mm,8/10mm. Generally, these two models are fixed with side bars.


4. Glue or hot melt fixation

Apply glue, or double-sided glue, to the surface of the hollow board. Or use hot melt adhesive to fix the hollow plate.


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