Five Cleaning Methods For Corrugated Box

- Nov 21, 2018-

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About corrugated plastic shipping boxes:

The application of corrugated turnover box is very extensive, and it is commonly used in life to package and transport fruits and vegetables. The corrugated plastic boxes are designed and manufactured according to the size provided by the customer, so it will also be used in the industrial field. In the electronics industry, anti-static materials can be added to the raw materials to produce anti-static corrugated plastic box for electronic production. Used in the workshop, the corrugated plastic shipping boxes are durable, non-toxic, dustproof, moisture-proof and environmentally friendly. The corrugated plastic storage boxes made with it can be recycled.

The specific steps for cleaning and disinfecting the corrugated plastic


shipping boxes are as follows:

1.   Put the corrugated plastic shipping boxes that need to be cleaned into the clean room, then use the detergent to clean the handles, corners, and bottom of the correx boxes without smudging.

2.   Clean the flat portion of the corrugated plastic storage boxes in the order from the inside to the outside and from the top to the bottom, clean and free of the stud.

3.   Wash the corrugated plastic boxes three times with water, immerse the cuvette in water, immersed for about 3 cm, then wipe it with a rag to dry naturally.

4.   Disinfection by wiping, using disinfectant.

5.   After the coroplast boxes are sealed at the end of the box, it is placed in the clean room of the container for natural drying, and the date and expiration date of the cleaning and disinfection should be filled out.

The above is some introduction and cleaning methods for corrugated plastic shipping boxes. I hope to be helpful.

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