Features Of Plastic Hollow Sheet Production Line

- Aug 16, 2018-

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Pp hollow sheet is widely used because of its advantage, has moisture-proof plastic hollow sheet, anti-aging, bearing strength, shrinkage, tear, high temperature, color is rich, shockproof, can be adjustable design structure, does not need to open molds, etc., by adding the corresponding masterbatch can also has other functions, so how are hollow sheet production, what is the distinguishing feature of the production line?

Features of molding machine and annealing furnace:

1. The abrasion resistance, dust removal and stereotype property of the vacuum type setting table make it easier to operate.

2. The unique design of cooling system and vacuum system ensures high speed extrusion.

3. Special annealing furnace design makes it easier to control the extrusion line and the flatness of the plate compared with other brands.

4. Air capacity and low pressure of the hollow sheet should be adjusted and easy to operate.

5. Anti-uv co-extrusion layer can be single-sided or double-sided, and the outer surface shall be sandblasted or smoothed according to the structure requirements.


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