Distinguish The Pp Recycle Material

- Oct 16, 2018-

polypropylene corruagted sheet 4X8 ft

There are three effective methods to distinguish the recycle  material of pp hollow sheet:

1. The thick and straight vertical bar is a good quality hollow plastic sheet, and the thin vertical bar is thin.


2.As a result, more and more producers now choose to co-extrude uv protective layer. Nowadays, many manufacturers claim that their own products have been squeezed UV layer, anti - fogging layer can be identified by UV is a key factor causing the onset of aging plate. But UV layer can really promote the role of consumer base can not be investigated. Good UV layer can not only be measured by thickness, but also by its uniform level of co-extrusion, UV layer should be selected, good uniformity. To present some of the underpinnings on the market without adding any UV information but the appearance of co-crowding.


3. As above, black spots and crystal points are indicated to be rich in impurities, mainly to see if there are impurities. The more impurity content, the more old material content. The good must be clean and transparent. By investigating the fluidity of molten liquid of hollow plate, the quality of materials used can also be determined. Because carbonated resins have long chains of molecules, repeated melting at high temperatures can damage their structures, breaking them down from larger molecules into smaller ones. The recycle material is melted at a high temperature from the beginning, and its molecular chains crack and flow is added. Therefore, in theory, the better the data flow in the molten state, the worse the quality. Although this method is simple in theory, it is still difficult to operate. Users who are not qualified for testing can send the materials to a professional organization for inspection.


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