Distinguish The Anti - Static Hollow Sheet

- Sep 10, 2018-

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With the development of pp hollow sheet industry, the function of hollow sheet is more and more abundant. As the pp hollow sheet can prevent static electricity and reduce the damage of static electricity to electronic products, the packaging and transportation of electronic products adopt the anti-static hollow sheet, but the added anti-static hollow plate appears in the market. The new hollow sheet is a new kind of green environmental protection material, which has been widely used in all walks of life

The so-called "fake" anti-static polypropylene hollow sheet is a layer of anti-static oil sprayed on the hollow plate, and the anti-static effect can only be kept within a few days. The anti - static performance of real anti - static hollow sheet is mainly due to the addition of anti - static master grains in the hollow sheet.

1. Look at the surface: the surface of the anti-static hollow sheet sprayed with anti-static oil is covered with oil and uneven. The anti - static hollow sheet produced by adding anti - static agent has uniform surface and slight luster.

2. Measure antistatic index: measure antistatic index with antistatic instrument. The anti-static index of the anti-static hollow sheet with anti-static oil is high or low, while the anti-static index of the high-quality anti-static hollow plate is even.

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