Cutting Corrugated Plastic Processing And Installation

- Jul 21, 2017-

The new type discloses a kind of aluminum plastic pipe scissors with corrugated plastic hose circular cutter, Cutting Corrugated Plastic which is composed of a fixed knife holder of aluminum plastic pipe scissors and a movable blade connected with the scissors shaft, the fixed tool holder is connected with a fixed tool holder handle, Active blade connected to the activities of the blade handle, Cutting Corrugated Plastic in the tail of the active blade handle, with corrugated plastic hose on the positioning of the arc groove, in the corrugated plastic hose on both sides of the arc groove are set on the circular guide block, And the upper guide groove is arranged on the upper circular guide block, and the upper guide groove is arranged on the upper and lower circular guide blocks respectively. At the tail of the fixed tool holder, a corrugated plastic hose is provided with a curved groove, Cutting Corrugated Plastic Each of the two sides of the arc-shaped press groove is provided with a lower circular guide block, and the lower circular guide block is provided with a lower cutting knife which is provided to the pair and is provided with a lower guide groove. The utility model is suitable for the processing and installation of aluminum plastic pipe, Cutting Corrugated Plastic plastic pipe and corrugated plastic hose.

Plastic corrugated pipe cutting methods are mainly on-line electric cutting saws off, Cutting Corrugated Plastic on-line electric cutting knife cutting and off-line electric cutting saws and several other ways; Cutting Corrugated Plastic these types of cutting the existence of the problem is

1, on-line cutting, for the flare type bellows device identification system is difficult to accurately identify the location to be cut, likely to cause wrong cut;

2, with electric cutting saws will produce a large number of sawdust, easy to clean, pipe fracture rough;

3, online cutting equipment is expensive and energy consumption.

DISCLOSURE OF THE INVENTION The object of the utility model is to provide a plastic corrugated pipe which can overcome the problem that the on-line cutting position is inaccurate, Cutting Corrugated Plastic the chip is large, the incision is rough and the equipment is put into operation, and the plastic corrugated pipe can be manually operated. The technical invention adopted in the utility model is a plastic bellows manual cutting tool, the tool comprises a tool holder, a blade, a pressure plate and a handle mounted on the half ring arch, Cutting Corrugated Plastic the handle is divided into a half A guide handle on the upper end of the arcuate guide and an infeed handle mounted on the outside of the lower end of the half-ring guide, the blade close to the feed handle. Cutting Corrugated Plastic The guide ring and the center of the infeed handle are arranged at an angle greater than 90 degrees; the semicircular arcuate guide is provided with an inner groove capable of guiding, and the inner circular arc of the semicircular arch Shape and bellows peak shape fit. Cutting Corrugated Plastic The utility model has the beneficial effect

1, the handle is divided into the semi-ring arch guide on the outer side of the guide handle and installed in the semi-ring arch guide the lower end of the feed handle, feed and guide the force, Cutting Corrugated Plastic action coherent, the operation is very convenient.

2, because the arch of the arc within the circular groove and the shape of the peak is basically the same, and leave a certain gap on both sides of the peak, Cutting Corrugated Plastic the use of only one degree of rotation around the corrugated tube axis of rotation can be rotated, the rest of the degree of freedom is limited, Cutting Corrugated Plastic so Can be successfully cut off the pipe.

3, the tool can be more accurate and easy to cut off the line or off the assembly line, Cutting Corrugated Plastic and no energy consumption, no chips, cut neat appearance.

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