Cutting Corrugated Plastic Material Is Very Light

- Oct 24, 2017-

Plastic corrugated pipe corrosion resistance is very good, Cutting Corrugated Plastic can be very effective in conveying acid and alkali substances and sewage. And his material is very light, easy to install can improve our work efficiency, and the service life can generally reach 50 years. Galvanized steel pipe and cast iron pipe because of its existence: material heavy, easy to be corroded, high cost, Cutting Corrugated Plastic waste of metal resources and other factors and so slowly eliminated.

1, before the installation we have to check whether the product is qualified to meet our requirements, if not standardized that can not be used.

2, in the handling of products when we'd better take the light, after all, is the plastic material, and metal material is not the same.

3, in the installation process can not avoid cutting corrugated pipe, in the cutting time we must ensure that the incision is smooth, smooth, can not be damaged, when necessary, Cutting Corrugated Plastic we better take the method of manual cutting.

⑴ hydraulic forming bellows hydraulic forming is the most commonly used bellows forming method. Using the liquid pressure in the tube, the tube is bulged in the ring until the yielding occurs in the loop, and then the tube is compressed to the desired length. Small diameter corrugated pipe using this method.

⑵ roll forming bellows roll forming process is mainly used for processing large bellows, is set in the tube in the forming round of the roll forming, Cutting Corrugated Plastic rolling can be single-wave forming, and some devices can also be a number of ripples The

⑶ mechanical bulging corrugated tube in the tube within the expansion of the tire, one by one to expand into a ripple, the initial shape, and then within the customization of internal and external pressure. 

⑷ welding forming bellows for the wave height is too large or special corrugated waveform, the use of stamping welding process. When the wave height exceeds the limit, Cutting Corrugated Plastic the material elongation has been not allowed to use the overall forming process, or because the waveform is complex, the overall shape is extremely difficult to use when the welding forming. This type of bellows can not withstand the internal pressure, Cutting Corrugated Plastic not suitable for the expansion of the flexible section.

⑸ deposition forming bellows The process is the use of electrodeposition method to the corrugated pipe material deposited on the core mold, Cutting Corrugated Plastic and then the core mold erosion. This corrugated pipe material is a very soft pure nickel metal material, Cutting Corrugated Plastic and is non-porous, therefore, can withstand high vacuum, and can be welded. Expansion joints flexible section should not use this bellows, Cutting Corrugated Plastic because the cost is too high, and only limited to nickel.

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