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- Jul 07, 2017-

Metal mesh corrugated packing made of metal mesh corrugated board composition, wave height, specific surface area, surface wet performance, Cutting Corrugated Plastic high separation efficiency, Cutting Corrugated Plastic per m filler layer up to 10 or more theoretical plate separation efficiency The But because of its manufacturing materials such as stainless steel wire mesh expensive, Cutting Corrugated Plastic the unit volume of filler high cost, and low strength, generally applicable to difficult to separate and heat-sensitive system of vacuum distillation, Cutting Corrugated Plastic atmospheric distillation and absorption, tower diameter is not large (2 M below), not easy to block and corrosion of the occasion. Sub-single and double-layer metal mesh corrugated packing. Cutting Corrugated Plastic Single-layer metal mesh corrugated packing 250, 500, 700, 500 to the most widely used.

1.2 mesh (plate net) corrugated packing mesh corrugated packing is the recent development of a new type of ripple filler, is directly to the stainless steel and other thin strip with appropriate treatment into a specific specifications of the diamond-shaped stencil, Cutting Corrugated Plastic the cost is significantly lower than the screen At the same time with the metal mesh corrugated packing of the excellent performance, Cutting Corrugated Plastic industrial applications are expanding, the scope of application similar to the metal mesh corrugated filler applications and special conditions.

1.3 metal orifice corrugated packing more by the composition of stainless steel corrugated plate, the board drill a lot of holes around 5 mm. Its performance lies between the metal mesh ripple packing and the bulk packing. Because of its reasonable structure, high strength,Cutting Corrugated Plastic cost less than metal mesh corrugated packing, good corrosion resistance, strong anti-pollution ability, low pressure, high flux, it is particularly suitable for atmospheric and medium vacuum and pollution risk of organic distillation , Cutting Corrugated Plastic And is suitable for atmospheric pressure and pressurized countercurrent absorption process. In the design of the new tower and the transformation of the old tower, it is used to replace the Pall ring and other loose packing and some plate tower. Especially in the transformation of large-scale tower, to improve product yield and quality, Cutting Corrugated Plastic reduce energy consumption have significant economic results.

1.4 plastic orifice corrugated packing structure and metal orifice corrugated packing similar to the material are polypropylene, polyvinylidene fluoride, polyvinyl chloride and so on. The main advantage is corrosion resistance, light weight, low cost, low resistance, Cutting Corrugated Plastic high efficiency, small amplification effect. At present, there are 125 Y and 250 Y specifications, Cutting Corrugated Plastic they are suitable for a variety of absorption and desorption process, but also for exhaust gas purification and large liquid load and high operating pressure process and improve the production capacity of existing towers, but also suitable for Easy to foam the system. Applied to the fertilizer and environmental protection departments have achieved good results. Engineering application Note Industrial application of structured packing tower, tower diameter, Cutting Corrugated Plastic tower tilt, packing section and installation must meet the requirements. Liquid distribution, liquid collection and redistribution, packing support ring, packing limit pressure ring and other tower parts must be designed and reasonable, processing and installation of accurate. For large diameter towers or gas inlet dynamic pressure head and tower pressure ratio of more than 2.5 (such as pressurized tower), should consider the gas phase distribution device. When the treated product has a suspended solids, it is generally not advisable to use a mesh type corrugated packing. Cutting Corrugated Plastic Tower is easy to produce polymer or tar case, not only wire mesh filler is not applicable, with orifice corrugated packing should be particularly careful, should take some measures. Once the filler is contaminated, it should only be chemically cleaned. The specific surface area of the corrugated packing is large. After the tower is stopped, Cutting Corrugated Plastic the surface of the packing will have a large amount of static liquid. At this time the temperature inside the tower has not yet come down, for the easy oxidation of materials, if a lot of air quickly into the tower temperature can be further increased, burned filler. This situation does not stop, should be admitted to the tower nitrogen protection, or first use other solvents to clean the media and then stop. In most cases when driving, Cutting Corrugated Plastic the screen filler to be fully pre-liquid, so that the formation of a good liquid film, can only be efficient. Generally speaking, there are three ways to pre-liquid: ① flooded tower after the pan tower; ② generic point flux, Cutting Corrugated Plastic the use of high-throughput full reflow operation; ③ greater than the generic point of the full flow backflow operation. Usually using the third method. Cutting Corrugated Plastic The packing tower is superior to the column tower and the bulk packing tower in terms of separation efficiency and pressure drop, but it still has the limitation of the bulk packing tower: the heat transfer is inconvenient, the lateral line is difficult to be extracted, the corrosion resistance is worse than that of the plate tower, Process control difficulties and so on.

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