Cutting Corrugated Plastic Corrosion Resistance Is Very Good

- Jul 31, 2017-

In today's cities galvanized steel pipe and cast iron pipe has become less and less, Cutting Corrugated Plastic replaced by a plastic bellows. Why can corrugated pipe out of galvanized steel pipe and cast iron pipe?

Today's bellows is not only used in road drainage, sewage, central air conditioning duct ventilation, and now a lot of urban infrastructure also used bellows, such as: telecommunications, railways, Cutting Corrugated Plastic highways, and so on. And some developed Europe and the United States on the use of bellows than we are much more.

Plastic corrugated pipe corrosion resistance is very good, can be very effective in conveying acid and alkali substances and sewage. And his material is very light, Cutting Corrugated Plastic easy to install can improve our work efficiency, and the service life can generally reach 50 years. Galvanized steel pipe and cast iron pipe because of its existence: material weight, easy to be corroded, high cost, Cutting Corrugated Plastic waste of metal resources and other factors and so slowly eliminated.

Installation of plastic bellows

1, before the installation we have to check whether the product is qualified to meet our requirements, if not standardized that can not be used.

2, in the handling of products when we'd better take the light, after all, Cutting Corrugated Plastic is the plastic material, and metal material is not the same.

3, in the installation process can not avoid cutting corrugated pipe, in the cutting time we must ensure that the incision is smooth, smooth, can not be damaged, when necessary, Cutting Corrugated Plastic we better take the method of manual cutting.

The use of bellows cutting machine Note:

1. The bellows cutting machine should adjust the tool before cutting, clamping the work. The length of the clamping part shall not be less than 50 mm. Parking baffle to be fixed, Cutting Corrugated Plastic after clamping, loosen, forward, backward and so the order of the test before they can work.

2. When the machine is rotating, Cutting Corrugated Plastic any part of the body must not touch the transmission parts. Operation, to tie a good cuff, is strictly prohibited to wear gloves work. The head of the body should deviate from the cutting direction.

3. Long tube into the material rack and release the bundled lead wire, Cutting Corrugated Plastic should be taken to prevent the pipe rolling, shock, pressure measures.

4. When cutting the tube head, to prevent the head flying out of injury.

5. Replace the tool, measuring the workpiece, Cutting Corrugated Plastic lubrication, cleaning the head, you must stop.

6. The use of grinding wheel cutting machine, Cutting Corrugated Plastic grinding wheel should be checked in advance without defective cracks, damp, power cord is reliable.

7. Corrugated pipe cutting machine dust removal device should be in good condition before cutting.

8. In the direction of the workpiece into the material should not stand.

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