Corrugated Plastic Sheet Application

- Aug 01, 2018-

It can be applied to all aspects of industry, agriculture and people's life. It is a general universal plate.


1. Auto parts packaging industry.

The parts in the auto parts industry are more exquisite and expensive, and the requirements for the outer packaging of products are relatively high. It is economical and practical to use hollow sheet boxes for packaging.


2. Electronic industry.

The most commonly used type in electronic industry is anti-static type, such as all kinds of baffle, backboard, knife card, turnover box, etc., which can be anti-static, waterproof and moisture-proof.


3. Instruments industry

It can meet various kinds of precision products packaging, light weight, material saving, moderate soft and hard, can avoid collision and extrusion on the way.


4. Fruit and vegetable agricultural inductry

It can be made into various basket, basket, fruit box, fruit box, vegetable box, etc.


5. Decoration and protection.

It Can be made into a variety of rolling materials, spread on the ground to form a protective film, effectively reduce garbage, goods fall on the floor of the damage.


6. Footwear packaging.

It Can be made into a variety of boxes, boxes, pads, such as use, anti-fouling, anti-fouling, convenient cleaning.


7. Buggy liner.

S type hollow plate can be effectively anti-seismic and decompression, strong load-bearing capacity, can be made into a variety of pads, gaskets on the child car.



It Can be made into a variety of corona hollow board as a billboard for use, can also be made into a variety of display box, LED light box.


9. Home appliances industry. Can be made into a variety of electrical appliances for the pad, bottom to use.


If you are interested in our products,please let us know the following information before quotation:

1) Size (length*width)  as corrugated plastic sheet 2000X900 mm.

2) Thickness and colour as 2mm white color

3) GSM(gram per square meter) which is the most important. as 330GSM

4)CIF port name  as CIF Dubai


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