Corrugated Plastic Boxes Materials Used

- May 31, 2017-

Corrugated Plastic Boxes Plastic corrugated Hose first appeared in the 50 's, in the last 20 years has been a rapid development. Now has the application of plastic corrugated pipe, according to the production of materials used, can be divided into PU corrugated hose, Corrugated Plastic Boxes PVC corrugated pipe soft, etc., which PU material corrugated hose production is larger. Plastic corrugated hose In the structural design of the general use of special "ring Groove" type shaped section, this pipe design novel, reasonable structure, breaking through the common pipe "plate" traditional structure, so that the pipe has not only enough pressure and impact strength, but also good flexibility.

According to the different structure of plastic corrugated hose, corrugated hose can be divided into single wall corrugated hose and double wall corrugated hose. Corrugated Plastic Boxes Single-wall plastic corrugated hose refers to the plastic tube inside and outside the wall are corrugated hose, has a higher flexibility, and bending radius small, high expansion.

Double-wall corrugated hose refers to the inner wall of a smooth outer wall with corrugated (corrugated shape can be right angle, trapezoidal, sinusoidal shape, etc.) of plastic hose, it is usually extruded by the simultaneous corrugated external wall and a smooth inner wall of one melt-knot extrusion molding. It has the advantages of good corrosion resistance, high insulating properties and small inner wall smooth flow resistance. In addition to the small curvature, in the same strength, stiffness requirements of the use of double wall corrugated pipe can be more economical material, better economic, and convenient transportation installation, reduce the construction staff's labor intensity, but also reduce the total investment in the project.

The control system is composed of time relay or integrated circuit time timer.

The main function is: one is to control the pneumatic transmission system work, so that when welding in the timing control to open the air valve, cylinder pressure to reduce the welding head, to a certain pressure on the welding objects, when the welding after the holding time, then the control system will be the gas road valve reversing, so that the welding head recovery and reset; the second is the control of ultrasonic generator working time, Corrugated Plastic Boxes the system to automate the entire welding process, the operation of only the Start button to produce a trigger pulse, you can automatically complete the whole process of welding. The order of the whole control system is: Power start a trigger control signal pneumatic transmission system, Corrugated Plastic Boxes cylinder pressure welding head drop and pressure welding trigger ultrasonic generator work, launch ultrasound and maintain a certain welding time to remove ultrasonic emission continue to maintain a certain pressure time back pressure, welding head recovery welding end.

Acoustic systems for ultrasonic plastic welding machines consist of three parts: 1 Drive Part 2 fixed Part 3 working part. In the above three components, the drive is the core, generally using a bolt clamping longitudinal vibration transducer, the half wavelength longitudinal oscillator and the wavelength longitudinal oscillator of one-fourth, Corrugated Plastic Boxes the half wavelength longitudinal vibration and the half wavelength energy collector are connected to a full wavelength plastic welding transducer, and the one-fourth wavelength longitudinal oscillator is connected with the one-fourth wavelength energy collector to form a half wavelength transducer.

For different welding objects need to have different tool heads, whether near-field welding or transmission welding, only the half wavelength of the tool head to make the welding end surface to reach the maximum amplitude. Tool head, with amplitude amplification and without amplitude amplification of the two, Corrugated Plastic Boxes plastic welding machine with the acoustic system tool head, the material used is usually aluminum alloy, its end surface plating cemented carbide, the power is also useful when made of titanium alloy materials, the material fatigue strength than aluminum alloy 1 time times higher than.

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