Corrugated Classification

- Sep 21, 2018-

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Compression plates are usually classified according to application location, wave height of plate type, lap joint structure, and material. Common classification methods of corrugated board are as follows:

(1) classification by application location -- roof panel, wall panel, floor slab and ceiling panel, etc. With the use of corrugated board, colored steel plate and plate are used to make wall decoration board at the same time.

(2) according to wave height classification, it is divided into high wave plate (wave height = 70mm), medium wave plate (wave height <70mm) and low wave plate (wave height <30mm).

(3) according to the classification of substrate material -- divided into hot-dip galvanized substrate, hot-dip aluminum zinc plating and hot-dip aluminum substrate.

(4) corrugated plate is classified according to the plate seam structure -- divided into lap joint, undercut and compression structure. The middle and high wave plate should be used as the roof plate with higher waterproof requirements. Overlapping middle and high wave plate galvanized sheet to use floor board; Lapped low wave plate should be used as wall panel.


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