Corrugated Box Bursting Strength Test

- Aug 18, 2016-

The physical strength of corrugated board consists primarily of corrugated board bursting strength, compressive strength, puncture strength and adhesion strength and compression strength of corrugated box.

Liner board burst index is an important specification requirements of the national standard CBl3024-2003. Corrugating medium, standard does not require the break-resistant index in CBl3023-91, double corrugated paper and production generally uses corrugated, paper affects the bursting strength of double wall corrugated board, which requires the use of paper Corrugating paper bursting strength test on, set up Corrugating bursting quality table.

Lateral central pressure strength refers to the 12. 7x152mm sample inserted within a sample, form a ring, and then compressed between two measurements, before crushing the can withstand the maximum pressure. Lateral central pressure index, lateral central pressure intensity and quantitative ratio.

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