Compared With PE ,the Advantages Of PP

- Dec 18, 2018-

2000X1000 mm pp hollow sheet

Hollow board is used extensively by virtue of superior practical performance and environmental protection characteristics, but compared with PE material, the hollow board made of PP material has more extensive application at present, compared with PE material, what advantages does PP hollow board have?


PE, PP materials are currently commonly used in hollow plate materials, but there are still differences in performance between the two materials, compared with PP material high temperature extrusion molding plastic hollow plate has a wider range of practicality, the following is a brief introduction to the advantages of PP hollow plate:


1. Compared with PE material, hollow plate made of PP material has a higher melting point. Although PP material has a lower thermal distortion temperature and a lower gloss, it has a stronger impact resistance, which brings good practicality in transportation and storage.


2, the strength of the PP hollow plate will be increased with the increase of propylene content increases, PP vicat softening temperature of 150 ℃, due to the high crystallinity, stiffness and resistance to scratch the surface characteristics of this material is very good, can adapt to different industries to use!


3, PP hollow plate does not exist environmental stress cracking problem, and has a strong plasticity, can be added by glass fiber, metal additives, thermoplastic rubber, anti-static materials, the hollow plate additional flame retardant, anti-static and other properties!


4, PP material is a crystalline polymer, melt condensation due to the large volume change, high degree of molecular orientation and a large shrinkage rate (1.0%-1.5%), and homopolymer and copolymer PP material has excellent moisture absorption, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, solubility and other characteristics!


Comprehensive comparison, PP hollow plate phase PE hollow plate has a better rigidity, strength, and unlike PE material is still antioxidant at high temperature, so there is not easy to be photooxidation, thermal oxidation, ozone decomposition and other characteristics. So from the perspective of practicality and applicability, PP hollow board is undoubtedly more favored by the market.


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