Clear Corrugated Plastic Sheets Development Is Particularly Rapid

- Jun 14, 2017-

Because the plastic has the light weight, the toughness is good, the molding is easy. Low cost advantages, so in modern industry and daily-use products, more and more plastic replacement glass, especially for optical instruments and packaging industry, Clear Corrugated Plastic Sheets the development is particularly rapid. But it is better to ask for transparency, wear resistance to high, impact toughness is better, so the composition of plastic, injection molding process, equipment, molds, etc., to make a lot of work to ensure that these are used in lieu of glass plastic (hereinafter referred to as transparent plastic), good surface quality, so as to meet the requirements of use. At present, the general use of transparent plastic in the market is Poly methyl methacrylate (commonly known as the Asian Afterburner or plexiglass, code-named PMMA), polycarbonate (Generation PC). Clear Corrugated Plastic Sheets Polyethylene terephthalate glycol fat (code name Pet), transparent nylon. As (propylene-eye a styrene copolymer), Polysulfone (code PSF) and so on, which we contact most of the PMMA, PC and pet three kinds of plastic, due to the limited space, the following on the three kinds of plastic for example, discuss the characteristics of transparent plastic and injection molding process.

I. Properties of Transparent plastics

Transparent plastic must first have high transparency, secondly must have certain strength and wear resistance, can resist impact, heat resistance is good, Clear Corrugated Plastic Sheets chemical resistance to be superior, bibulous rate is small, only this can be used, can meet the requirements of transparency and long-term unchanged, compare the performance of PMMA, PC and pet.

Transparent plastic due to high transmittance, it is necessary to require the surface quality of plastic products strictly, can not have any markings, pores, white. Fog halo, black spots, discoloration, gloss and other defects, and thus in the entire injection process of raw materials, equipment. Mold, and even product design, should pay attention to and put forward strict or even special requirements. Secondly, Clear Corrugated Plastic Sheets because of the high melting point of transparent plastic, poor fluidity, so as to ensure the surface quality of products, often in the machine high temperature, injection pressure, injection speed and other technological parameters for fine adjustment, so that injection molding material can be filled with mold, and will not produce internal stress caused by deformation and cracking. The following is in preparation for the raw material. For the equipment and tooling requirements, injection molding process and the raw material handling of products, to discuss matters needing attention

Preparation and drying of raw materials as a result of any impurity in the plastic, may affect the transparency of the product, so in the storage, transportation, Clear Corrugated Plastic Sheets feeding process, we must pay attention to seal, to ensure that raw materials clean. In particular, the raw materials contain moisture, heating will cause deterioration of raw materials, so must be dry, Clear Corrugated Plastic Sheets and in the injection molding, feeding must use dry hopper. It is also important to note that during the drying process, the input air should preferably be filtered and dehumidification to ensure that it will not contaminate the raw materials.

In order to prevent the contamination of raw materials and the existence of existing materials or impurities in the screw and attachment sag, special thermal stability of the resin exists, so before and after the use of the screw cleaning agent to clean the pieces, so that it can not be sticky impurities, when there is no screw cleaning agent, the use of PE, PS resin cleaning screw. When temporary downtime, Clear Corrugated Plastic Sheets in order to prevent raw materials at high temperature stay for a long time, causing degradation, should be dryer and barrel temperature reduction, such as PC, PMMA and other barrel temperature to be reduced to 160 Shan below.

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