Characteristics Of Corrugated Box Production

- Aug 18, 2016-

Corrugated box is an ideal packaging containers. He has a light, strong, and suitable for mechanized production of vibration reduction features. Has been used in transport packaging and marketing package.

Corrugated box with its attractive appearance and excellent internal quality to win the market. In addition to outside the protected goods, warehousing, transportation, to beautify the commodities, the role of giving publicity to the commodity.

Especially in today's world each country attaches great importance to environmental protection cases, corrugated box has the advantages of recycling, it is conducive to environmental protection, conducive to handling and transportation, conducive to conserve timber.

Materials for Corrugating medium and liner Board: used for making corrugated board base paper for paper and paper two follows: corrugated paper as paper in the production of corrugated board; the paper called the paper for both sides, or in the paper.

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