Anti - Static Turnover Box Price

- Nov 10, 2018-

black pp hollow turnover box

The following are the decisive factors influencing the price of the anti-static turnover box price


1. The area

That is, the length and width of the plate, the larger the hollow sheet turnover box area, the more expensive the price.


2. The performance

Some users not only need to have anti-static performance, but also need to have flame retardant, uv protection and other properties. The more corresponding performance, the higher the production cost, so the price will be slightly higher.


3. Thickness of plate

Look at the actual thickness of the revolving box plate of anti-static hollow plate you need. The thicker the hollow plate, the higher the corresponding cost and production technology requirements, and the more expensive the natural price .


Any inquiry,please kindly provide us the follow details:

1. Size of sheet(Length*width*Height)

2. Thickness and Density/Weight(GSM)

3. Color

4. Will be highly appreciated if you can enclose your sample or pictures or drawing.


kindly please call me.

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