Analysis Of Heavy Cardboard Boxes How To Typeset

- Aug 18, 2016-

Heavy duty carton layout is the weak link of enterprise management, often fail to pay attention to. In fact, heavy carton layout work is directly related to the quality of corrugated boxes printing products quality and the efficiency of printing, its importance should not be overlooked wxafd003.

Many typesetting of heavy cardboard box business enterprise has the following problems: the printed version of the tear film, printed with glue, and typesetting cold winter and hot summer temperatures, resulting in print layout to aging, and so on.

In the print version of the custody and storage environment, corrugated box businesses to strengthen field management, full implementation of 5S, namely sorting, consolidation, cleaning, cleaning, quality. Make hanging plate rack set positioning according to the printed version of the frequency of use, regularly, obsolete and unused printed in time, print stored in order, create and maintain a comfortable, uncluttered work environment.

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