A Business Meeting In Wuxi City Of China

- Jun 15, 2018-

 A business meeting in wuxi city of China

We met Mr.Bahvin and Rajesh in wuxi city of China

They come from India.Meeting in Wuxi city.jpg

And their requirement is as below.

Anti-static pp corrugated sheet:

Color: white

Size: 1250X1250 mm

Weight: 1000 GSM

Thickness :5MM

 Qty: 8000 PCS


If any inquiry,kindly please call me.

Contact : Mr.Morris Yu (Sales manager)

Email: sales1@corrugatedsheet-cn.com   pengfeng@corrugatedsheet-cn.com

Moblile: +86 134 6250 6270

whatsapp:+86 134 6250 6270



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