2-12 Mm Polypropylene Corrugated Box

- Oct 29, 2018-

polyproylene corrugated box for packing industry

What is Corrugated Plastic Shipping Box?

The corrugated plastic shipping box is made of corrugated plastic sheets, also known as Coroplast shipping box and Corflute turnover boxes. 

Coroplast shipping box is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material, non-toxic, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, lightweight, rich in color, high tear strength, recyclable. Corflute boxes are widely used in the sales, transportation, and turnover of machinery, hardware, electronics, pesticides, advertising, decoration and other industries.

After years of research, the corrugated plastic boxes has gradually replaced the traditional carton. The coroplast crate saves the cost of the manufacturers on the basis of maintaining the appearance of the product and is very environmentally friendly.

What are the Types of the Corrugated Plastic Boxes?

  • Recyclable PP Logistic Box. 

The revolving express box is a new recycling system introduced by the logistics industry. The anti-seismic and anti-pressure performance of the coroplast boxes can perfectly guarantee the integrity of the goods. Usually corflute boxes made of 3-5mm thickness, 100% environmentally friendly new material

  • Anti-static Coroplast shipping box.

The anti-static correx box is a special PP hollow board product. It is used in the electronics industry to protect products. The advantages of anti-static PP corrugated boxes are waterproof, dustproof, moisture proof, tough, shock resistant and rich in color.

  • Corrugated plastic fruit and vegetable crates.

The corrugated plastic box has the advantages of environmental protection, beautiful appearance, and non-toxicity. It is suitable for various agricultural packaging. Most importantly, its style can be flexibly customized according to customers' needs.

  • PP corrugated turnover box

The shape of the coroplast crate is similar to that of a traditional carton. Due to its lightweight and easy to carry, it is very suitable for factory turnover. It can also be folded, which saves a lot of space and has a tendency to gradually replace traditional carton.


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